Business Support Unit BSU

What is It?

The BSU is a service by Nahdet El Mahrousa that offers high quality financiallegalHR, and digital marketing coaching and consultations to social innovators and entrepreneurs at a great value.

Finance & Accounting

Finance and accounting services including systems of bookkeeping, preparation & auditing of financial statements, advising on taxation, sales management, and more

Legalities & Administration

Company registration, contracts, licenses and legalizing processes, shareholders/partners affairs, and more

Human Resources HR

Preparing and handling employee contracts, preparing employees’ social insurance files, and more

Digital Marketing

Social media management, photography, videography, creating a cohesive online brand identity, and more

What’s special about It?

Context-based, Customized Services

The BSU is designed with a very clear objective: to offer tailored and context-based solutions for social entrepreneurs to navigate through their unique administrative and back office challenges in the easiest, fastest, most affordable, and best fitting way. It is every bootstrapper’s dream.

20+ Years of Experience

Nahdet El Mahrousa and its team have been supporting social enterprises for more than 20 years and the BSU leverages this extensive experience to bring social entrepreneurs the quality and customized support they deserve.

How to Sign Up?

Simply fill the application form so we can better understand your needs, and you will hear from us within 3 working days to discuss next steps.

How we work


First Contact

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Final Strategy

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Discussion & Planning

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