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| Yasmine El Rifai
Yasmine El Rifai
Co- Founder, Misriyati - Social Enterprise

Yasmine El Rifai is co-founder of Misriyati for peace education.  She chose to work in the field of education because she believes it to be a powerful means of working collectively towards a more peaceful, just, and inclusive society. Yasmine has been involved in and worked on an array of projects since 2003, including: curriculum design, teacher training, non-formal education, educational program design and management, as well as peace training; all geared towards personal and social transformation. Among the organizations she works with are: Alwan wa Awtar NGO, Care with Love NGO, General Secretariat for Catholic Schools and the Arab Digital Expression Foundation.

Yasmine holds a Masters in Development Studies from the University of Antwerp, Belguim, and is currently studying to complete a master’s degree in Nonviolent Education at the AUNOHR university, Lebanon.