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Over the past 10 years Nahdet El Mahrousa (NM) formed a large base of partners, whether they are small or large businesses and international institutions. Our partnership works to achieve shared goals in order to contribute to the development of Egypt. Read more about the partnership programs:

"Alashanek Ya Balady” Association for Sustainable Development (AYB) was first established as a student club at the American University in Cairo back in 2002 to promote the concept of volunteerism among Egyptian youth and to introduce them to “development” as a wider domain and a demonstration of collective social efforts combating poverty and complementing traditional charity. The partnership program with Nahdet El Mahrousa aims to create employment for 2000 disadvantaged youth in Cairo, Minia, Qena, Luxor, Behaira between the ages of 15 and 29 through the establishment of microenterprises and job placement. AYB will provide vocational training for small entrepreneurs on mechanics, pottery, maintenance, sewing, hand-made products, carpets, and leather products, and other vocations based on further market assessment. Specialized training on project management, marketing, feasibility studies, interpersonal skills and work ethics and values will also be provided to all beneficiaries
 Assiut Businessman Association, Minia Branch (ASBA), is a nongovernmental organization established in 1994 and started operating in 1996. ASBA aims to economically and socially develop youth through developmental projects across Upper Egypt.The partnership program with Nahdet El Mahrousa aims to support and develop the technical capacity of 400 young male and female young entrepreneurs in Minia in order to enter the labor market during the duration of the project. Training will be provided in (yet not limited to) handcrafts, hand-made products, food processing, construction and others based on further market assessment to be implemented prior to beneficiaries’ training. Such trainings would further include a general business management component as well as life skills.
Nahdet El Mahrousa and Egypreneur have a general partnership. Egypreneur has played an important role in providing NM a pipeline for incubation and disseminating our events, trainings and incubation announcements. NM has also hosted Egypreneur’s events and product launches several times . Egypreneur helps build entrepreneur profiles and aims to connect entrepreneurs with co-founders, investors, business professionals and support organizations.
Nahdet El Mahrousa and El Mashrou3 have been collaborating since the reality TV show’s inception; from brainstorming themes to providing a pipeline to recommending mentors to consultations to outreach. NM hosted several “speed networking” events at its premises to engage social and  business entrepreneurs in developing content and sharing resources. El Mashrou3 is Egypt's first reality TV series about entrepreneurship that harnesses the broad reach and popularity of broadcast media together with educational content and dynamic digital engagement to inspire, teach and provoke action.
Sawiris Foundation in partnershisp with Nahdet El Mahrousa provided scholarships for 400 graduates through Nahdet El Mahrousa's career and entrepreneurship development office (CEDO) in Cairo University. The scholarships offered intensive training packages to equip students with skills needed to enter the job market. At least 70% of those graduates will be placed in jobs. Currently CEDO is working with the Sawiris Foundation to implement similar scholarships for graduates in other egyptian governorates.
 Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (Etijah) is a specialized institute in developing, improving and disseminating development methodologies in the field of youth and community development. Based in Cairo, the institute was founded in 2006 and registered on August 16th, 2006The program aims to establish a Retail Academy that adopts a holistic approach in tackling marginalized youth unemployment by providing youth with an integrated package of services ranging from linkage to job readiness, placement and growth opportunities. The Retail Academy aims at targeting four main sectors in retail: electronic and technology, food and beverages, and clothing and accessories retail stores. Etijah will design an educational package for each required retail sector (based on the findings of the Dual-Client Assessment) in addition to major generic skills that are required for most retail businesses. Courses will include, but are not limited to: Professional English for Retail, Customer Services and Sales, and Retail Technical Track courses, in addition to an Apprenticeship Program. It will also offer the 1200 unprivileged youth 40 consecutive specialized training courses. 
 Youth Association for Population and Development (YAPD) seeks to develop and improve the social surroundings of youth and build their capacities to encourage them to participate in the development of their communities. The goal is to transform youth from into active citizens and partners in the development process.Based on the labor market needs and interests of youth as reflected by the Dual-Client Assessment, YAPD aims to build the technical capacities, computer skills and life skills of 1000 youth as well as filling the gap in the labor market in Sharqia by connecting the trained youth with employers. Training will be provided in life skills; basic computer skills; PC, laptop and mobile maintenance; agriculture and animal production; electronics and equipment maintenance; handicrafts, leather production, etc. YAPD will also collaborate with factories and companies in the target area to link beneficiaries to internship opportunities as well as collaborate with microfinance institutions to secure loans to entrepreneurs.