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Over the past 10 years Nahdet El Mahrousa (NM) formed a large base of partners, whether they are small or large businesses and international institutions. Our partnership works to achieve shared goals in order to contribute to the development of Egypt. Read more about the partnership programs:

Arabian Cement Company (ACC) was first established in 1997 by a group of Egyptian entrepreneurs, who aspired to establish a leading Egyptian cement company. The cement factory is located in the Suez Governorate. It produces five million tons of first quality cement, approximately 10% of Egypt's production.The company is a joint venture between Cementos La Union, a Spanish investor holding the majority of shares, and a group of Egyptian investors.
Leveraging financial contributions, shared expertise, and volunteer resources to fill needs of job creation and financial education in Egypt, Nahdet El Mahrousa and Barclays formed a partnership that aims a identifying, supporting, and providing funding to innovative social enterprises focused on job creation in Egypt. The emphasis is on creative projects that develop new approaches boosting employment, especially for marginalized youth, in Egypt. The program’s focus is on high-potential social entrepreneurs in Egypt, and is run through the Nahdet El Mahrousa Incubator of Innovative Social Enterprises. The program will begin with a Barclays-sponsored competition in Summer 2013 that will identify 5-7 social enterprises working on issues of employability in Egypt. The program will find innovators with demonstrated leadership skills and a passion for entrepreneurship in Egypt. Winning candidates will have ideas for social enterprises that address root causes through creative and untried approaches, and can achieve financial sustainability and national scalability.
Brainquil is a learning consultancy that designs and delivers dynamic, interactive & learner-centric learning solutions. In our solutions we use a blended approach of experiential exercises, simulators, meta-cognition, web-based, self-organized learning and classroom led.  We are also specialized in assessing training needs, designing learning solutions that tackle the identified needs and finally defining measurement systems that evaluate the impact of these solutions. We serve Corporations, Governments, Educational Institutions, NGOs, Entrepreneurs and Individuals in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait.
Cyan is a creative boutique. We engage with our clients, go deep, ask questions, uncover opportunities and craft customized media solutions for their businesses to innovate and grow. The way we see it, innovation does not just fall from trees nor is it a stroke of genius, but it is created through perseverance and hard work and is followed by iterative cycles of prototyping, testing, and refinement. We work cross-departmentally to fulfill Cyan’s commitment of delivering imaginative, technology-based solutions that help our clients achieve their goals. We are a team of skilled innovators, designers, analysts, artists, engineers, cinematographers, animators and developers. A team built on persistence and taking risks, we put love in our work to create something with value. We listen and learn. We innovate and challenge. We love what we do.
Garaad is a creative catalyst. We are a media studio, a team building facility, and a network. We are a part of Egypt’s media ecosystem, and we are based in Cairo.Garaad is a full time endeavor, accepting submissions all year-round for projects in film (short form), TV series, web series and channels, music and transmedia. Once a project is selected, we work with the team throughout the process -from development to distribution- and provide them with the funding and resources they need. The teams get access to Garaad’s facilities and network, where they can get the guidance and support they need to see their project go from idea to audience.Egypt’s ecosystem has such great potential, and we believe in that potential. Few are willing to take a risk with young and talented storytellers and musicians. And even fewer are willing to take a risk with new genres and experiences.Garaad is willing to take that risk.
As part of Nahdet El Mahrousa's Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur partnerships, Grizzly’s Egyptian founder wanted to pay it forward and support the capacity building Egyptian Entrepreneurs.Grizzly is an Egyptian diner with a retro Americana, right here in Cairo. Whether you're dreaming of stacks of syrupy pancakes for breakfast, a sumptuous shake at lunch or a big juicy burger for dinner, They have it all, and then some! 
 As part of a joint venture Nahdet El Mahrousa with P&G and PWC, IBM aided in launching and promoting incubated social startup, Sharek.org, as part of its mandate to encourage volunteerism. Sharek.org is a website which matches the volunteering needs of various civil society institutions with volunteers from the corporate world. IBM strives to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.
icecairo is a Social Enterprise, and part of the international icehubs network, that started with iceaddis in Ethiopia and icebauhaus in Germany. icecairo is a community-powered green tech innovation hub. We work together to solve environmental and social challenges using the brilliance of the icecairo community, and to turn these challenges in to green businesses. icecairo offers 2 incredible spaces for innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. Our physical hub (the downtown hub) is a space where people can co-work, attend / run events, and use the fablab to make / hack "green" products. Our online hub is a collection of platforms: a website, a wiki, a mapping system, an e-learning platform and an e-commerce site, all designed to maximise collaboration within the icecairo community. Together with our partners in civil society, the private sector, government and academia, icecairo believes it can turn almost any challenge in to a sustainable business opportunity.
NewSilkRoads is your guide to talented people along the Silk Road. We provide your company with highly talented entrepreneurial people, that can solve your corporate challenges. We connect Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.Are you a business that wants to expand to new markets? Are you an organization that wants to solve social challenges? Or do you want innovative international solutions to promote your city according to the latest trends? The key to your success depends on the people you work with. Through our ‘Expedition methodology’ we source the right talent in the region and enable them to execute their solutions for you. We provide you with access to international communities of thousands of highly talented entrepreneurial people.
Nile FM gives back to the community in a special show called Nile FM Aware showcasing young Egyptians who are trying to make a difference through innovative non for profit ideas. Nile FM Aware showcased more than 15 NM incubated Social Entrepreneur. Nile FM a radio station that offers the perfect blend of the best international chart toppers with a local feel. Since 2003, English speakers have been tuning in to 104.2 for the latest hits, interaction with the presenters and to enter in a variety of fun competitions. Nile FM is constantly in touch with listeners; whether it’s through Twitter, Facebook, SMS or our studio hotline.
As part of a joint venture Nahdet El Mahrousa with P&G and IBM, PWC aided in launching and promoting incubated social startup, Sharek.org, as part of its mandate to encourage community service. Sharek.org is a website which matches the volunteering needs of various civil society institutions with volunteers from the corporate world. PWC is a network of firms in 158 countries with more than 180,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory services.
 As part of a joint venture Nahdet El Mahrousa with PWC and IBM, P&G aided in launching and promoting incubated social startup, Sharek.org, as part of its mandate to encourage sustainable development. Sharek.org is a website which matches the volunteering needs of various civil society institutions with volunteers from the corporate world. Driven by passionate people and a common purpose, P&G brings brands to consumers around the world—including their 50 Leadership Brands that are among the world’s most well known household names. 
 Publicist Inc is an Egyptian communications consultant with a mission to lead the evolution of the public relations discipline in Egypt by driving the adoption of international practices that demonstrate the value of communications in building credibility and trust.  As part of the Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur program, Publicist Inc are offering Nahdet el Mahrousa their probono services and valued expertise to give all our projects and social entrepreneurs the best reach and exposure they can get. 
Acting on their believes that they have a duty to give back to the community in which they prosper Sharkawy & Sarhan has been providing Nahdet El Mahrousa and its incubated social startups with Pro-bono Legal Support since 2010. Over the past 3 years, the Pro-bono department at Sharkawy & Sarhan has provided more than 20 incubated social startups with legal counseling which proved to be vital for them establishing their social enterprises. The Pro Bono Department also undertakes legal research projects that cater for various public interest issues in collaboration with various non-governmental and academic entities as well as research institutes. It is particularly interested in fostering social entrepreneurship, empowering civil society and strengthening labour rights.
TBS (The Bakery Shop) supports Salon El Mahrousa and Monthly Mondays events. TBS (The Bakery Shop) founded by three partners Tarek El Nazer, Basel Mashhour & Sameh El Sadat is an enchanting bakery that started its first operation in the North Coast of Egypt, specialized in delivering top quality Croissant, Muffins, Doughnuts, artistic desserts and all kinds of Bread.Social responsibility is one of the main embedded characteristics in TBS's DNA. TBS believes even small, entrepreneurial business have a responsibility towards the environment and communities in which they serve. Making a positive contribution to the social and cultural wellbeing of society is at the forefront of our agenda.  
The District is an inspiring coworking space for game-changing entrepreneurs and freelancers. With social capital at the core of its operation, the District aims to stimulate your innovation and productivity by giving you the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals.  
Nahdet El Mahrousa partnered with Yahoo! Maktoob to spearhead an unprecedented online campaign entitled “Social Innovation Starts with YOU!” The idea was to encourage social entrepreneurship among young Egyptian professionals and young Egyptians at large. The campaign inspired hundreds of Egyptian youth to submit ideas for social enterprises that aim to make a positive impact on Egypt. The partnership provided technical assistance and capacity building, as well as seed grants ($25,000 USD each) to 10 winners with both new ideas as well as existing ones that needed support to scale up.