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Incubate Ideas

What We Do

| Incubate Ideas

Nahdet El Mahrousa (NM) provides incubation—a two-year platform of services and support—to help build social projects from an idea to a full-scale program.

Social entrepreneurs apply to the incubator program at the idea- or start-up stage with an innovative idea that has the potential to address core social issues and achieve national impact.

The incubator model was designed to enable these social entrepreneurs to have the resources, capacity, and know-how to run social enterprises. Incubation aims to turn early-stage social initiatives and ideas into successful social enterprises.


Incubation Services Offered by Nahdet El Mahrousa

Nahdet El mahrousa’s incubator offers the following services to its incubated social start-ups.


1. Capacity Building

  • Madraset El Mahrousa: offers a comprehensive training and coaching programs to early-stage social and business entrepreneurs seeking to deploy social enterprise mechanisms.


  • Mentor El Mahrousa: This recently launched mentorship program aims to provide social entrepreneurs with one-on-one guidance, knowledge, and expertise to help answer challenging questions in the development of their enterprise. Selected mentors are young accomplished professionals in Egypt and, as much as possible, (social) entrepreneurs.


2. Technical Support

  • Technical Support: In addition to capacity building, social start-ups are offered a range of services that include pro-bono consultants, performance management, and long-term mentorship


  • Incubator assistance: NM makes special effort to provide social entrepreneurs and their projects with one-on-one technical support on a need basis. NM staff, long-time experts on starting-up and managing social enterprises in Egypt, will help social entrepreneurs answer questions, address challenges, and fulfill needs at any given point. Generally speaking, incubator staff regularly advises projects on practical issues related to the development and implementation of their start-ups, in areas such as business development, accounting, legal, revenue generation, proposal writing, management techniques, event management, and marketing.

  • Technical consultations: For issues requiring specific technical expertise, NM draws upon its membership base and extended network to provide projects with access to a large number of technical experts. These experts consult with social start-ups and help them find solutions to specific questions and issues. Here, NM acts as a “bridge”, helping find relevant consultants as they are needed. Examples of past consultants have included graphic and web designers, lawyers, monitoring and evaluation professionals, and procurement experts.


3. Infrastructural Support

  • A legal umbrella: NM’s registration under the Ministry of Social Solidarity allows for social start-ups to focus on program implementation while being protected legally through NM during their transition phase until they are able to stand alone and become legally registered enterprises.


  • Shared equipped office space: NM’s shared and open operating infrastructure, available to incubated social start-ups at no cost, first offers a shared equipped office space, in which entrepreneurs are welcome to come to work individually, hold team meetings, and host events (when space permits). The shared space includes a meeting and working room, a large conference/event room, as well as general office supplies and equipment.


  • IT infrastructure: NM offers essential IT infrastructure, including e-mail accounts for projects members, mailing lists, and website hosting.


  • HR services: NM’s recruitment systems are available for incubated social enterprises for full time and part time staff and/or interns.


4. Network/Connections

  • Network: Since its inception in 2003, NM has been a safe and open platform for activists, social entrepreneurs, and the development community. NM provides opportunities for outreach, publicity, and resource mobilization through its extended network, consisting of over 10,000 individuals. NM’s 300+ membership base provides special access to highly qualified individuals in Egypt.


  • Events: Monthly Mondays, investment matching events and the social entrepreneurship festival all provide opportunities for connections, expanding resources and networks.


The Incubation Process at Nahdet El Mahrousa


The Model:

The incubator l is designed to enable early-stage social entrepreneurs to have the resources, capacity, and know-how to develop and run their social enterprises. The incubation journey happens in 4 phases, as follows:

1. Validation

2. Pilot

3. Go to market

4. Growth



The Validation Phase (2.5 months):

Based on the quality of applications, up to 15 teams are shortlisted. Through NM SEAD program, These teams take part in the Validation phase - the pre-incubation part of the programme. This phase includes intensive bootcamps, trainings and expert support which will help the social entrepreneurs to validate their idea and refine their models prior to joining the Incubator.

During this phase, the shortlisted social entrepreneurs get:

  • 2.5 months of trainings and individual support from NM’s team
  • Access to a peer "agents of change" community in Egypt

At the end of this phase up to 7 teams are selected to continue their journey through the Incubator.


The Incubator:

This is a full-time, intensive programme. Winning teams receive tailored support and seed funding enabling them and their ventures to grow.


The incubated social enterprises will receive:

  • Seed funding (when available)
  • A dedicated 9-month project development programme organised by our Incubator team
  • Regularly hosted events to support peer-to-peer collaboration between teams
  • Access to experts in a range of domains through Mentor El Mahrousa program.
  • Legal umbrella under which entrepreneurs can operate till they register their enterprise.
  • Participation at a Demo day where they will present their achievements in front of key experts and potential investors & sponsors


Read more about the application and selection process.