| Weeda
Status/stage of development: Fully incubated at Nadhet Elmahrousa, Not Registered

WEEDA works to use seaweeds for nutritional and pharmaceutical products while protecting the environment. The enterprise will work to cultivate Seaweed and introduce it into manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, dyes, preservatives, food and packaging producing high quality products for lower prices and from a natural, reliable and safe source

They will be targeting customers such as Fish food factories, Pharmaceutical factories, Restaurants and nutritional supplement manufacturers.

Using the product in different industries and increasing the production lines as the industry is inexpensive compared to other industries, such as the paper industry and dairy and confecionery products. 

Cultivating seaweed and using it in the industry of medicines - pigments - food  - preservatives.

Hassan Mohamed Dorgham

Hisham Ahmed ElAbd

Ahmed Zeinhom

Mohamed AbdelHafiz Waziry

Tarek Ghaban

Ahmed Medhat

Arsany Magdy