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Status/stage of development: Pilot

Transport for Cairo (TFC) is building a transit map of Cairo’s informal transportation network to help create a reference that commuters can easily use and encourage them to utilize public transportation. In long term aim is to start a trend that will decrease the number of private cars and, in turn, congestion.

TFC works on gathering data of the paths and stops of the informal buses across and using this data to create a transit map of Cairo’s informal transportation network. As the informal transit system becomes more understandable it will become easier to use. More people will be encouraged to utilize public transportation in place of private cars. This will create a domino effect lowering the number of cars and the severity of congestion.


Creating a different understanding of transit in Cairo. Users will find less barriers to access the system, which should encourage the adoption of mass-transit. This will lead to many positive externalities such as the relief of congestion, and the resulting environmental benefits. Planning authorities & development organizations will use our generated data for essential urban infrastructure planning

A map for Cairo's public transportation network 

Abdelrahman Hegazy

Adham Kalila

Houssam Elokda

Islam Gaber

Mohamed Hegazy

Mohamed Mahrous

Tamer Mohamed