Status/stage of development: Registration in progress

Sustainable Health Development Initiative is a movement that aims to raise awareness on the causes and consequences of Hepatitis C while enhancing research and development in the field. The team conducts field studies, public awareness programs, lobbying, and advocacy to reach their objectives.

Providing valid and accurate data about hepatitis C issues, raising public awareness, creates a supportive environment towards hepatitis C patients in Egypt.



- Conducting research on epidemiological background of hepatitis C as risk factors and prevalence within high risk groups.

- Conducting research on socio-economic burden of hepatitis C in Egypt.

 Public Awareness Program

- Establishment a media production unit to produce animation movies series covering the awareness message of hepatitis C. 

 Looping & Advocacy

- Promoting support groups for hepatitis C patients.

- Initiate the first patient association in Egypt EHPA (Egypt hepatitis patient association). 

Kareem Sadik

Ahmed Hussein

Wesam Mankola

Abeer Rizk