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The Patrons of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

| The Patrons of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo
The Patrons of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Status/stage of development: Fully incubated at Nahdet El Mahrousa, Registered
The Patrons of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo works to support the management of the Egyptian Museum.
They achieve this by establishing a wide reaching and structured support network for the museum, fostering and funding museum projects and academic research, empowering museum staff, and finally, generating public interest in the museum and Egyptian heritage.


The Museum and Egypt alike are going through difficult yet exciting times. A patronage group that would support the Museum and its staff could play a very important role in bettering the conditions at the Museum during this critical time in Egypt's history and help it reach its full potential as one of the most important museums in the world, housing the largest extant collection of Egyptian antiquities. 

The Patrons of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo aims to achieve the following:

Establishing a structured support network for the Museum would be achieved through providing a wide pool of resources at the Museum staff’s disposal. Cooperation with relevant institutions and qualified individuals will be a vital support system to ameliorate the Museum’s day-to-day work.

Fostering Museum projects and academic research is in-keeping with the PEMC’s mission to work towards preserving Egyptian heritage. The PEMC will fundraise for specific projects, and support their undertaking in the Museum.

Empowering Museum staff is a basic aim of the PEMC. Through undertaking sustainable training schemes, providing technical and academic support, the PEMC will cooperate with Museum governance and staff to ensure that Museum staff’s needs are met to ensure the highest standards of museum practices are carried out.

Generating public interest in the Museum and Egyptian heritage is vital for making the Museum an educational and cultural institution. Through public outreach and awareness campaigns, the PEMC will strengthen ties between the Museum and its immediate community, working towards preserving and promoting our shared heritage. Special programs will particularly target children and youth, stimulating their interest in museums and cultural heritage.

The PEMC is divided into six start-up committees that will be working towards achieving the project aims. Please find below information about these committees:

The PEMC’s start-up committees provide an overview of the project’s tasks and degree of involvement. The debut committee heads, working with the debut committee members, will work on fine-tuning, expanding and developing the below tasks, as well as preparing a job description for their relevant committee.


Egyptology and Museuology Committee

Committee Head: Dr Yasmin El Shazly
This committee covers everything museological or academic.

Current projects:

Training curators;

implementing a way-finding system at the Museum (instructional and directional signage);

preparing brochures for visitors


Education and Public Awareness (Community Involvement) Committee
Committee Head: Dr Mariam Ayad

To acquaint the general public with the Museum, its collections, activities and resources through deliberate outreach efforts to children and adults and to enable museum staff to interact directly with the general public through regular training on leading tours, working with teachers and working with kids.

Ultimate Goal: To increase awareness of the museum, and its collections through its current projects:

  • The development of Thematic Tours of the Museum Collectives aimed at children of various ages,
  • Developing a lecture series aimed at non-specialist adults,
  • Re-activating the Museum School & developing its curricula,
  • A campaign encouraging parents to take their children to the museum
  • Provide a dedicated liaison service for schools, to include:
    • Pre planning assistance for school parties,
    • Support material for teachers,
    • The redevelopment of a Holiday program for Children.


Public Relations Committee
Committee Head: Mrs Tamara Zaky

Fundraising/Financial/legal Committee

Committtee Head: Ms.Gehan Fathy

This committee oversees the finances, legal and logistical aspects of the PEMC’s work. It also fundraises and finds sponsors for events, projects and publications.


Technical Committee
Committee Head: Eng: Vera Saad

The Technical committee is involved with engineering, security, IT, landscaping. Proposes it own projects, and supports the Museum’s own initiatives.

Media Committee

Committee Head: Ms. Mennat-Allah El Dorry

Promoting the Patrons and the EMC through social and traditional media.

Dr Mariam Ayad; Head of the Education Committee

A graduate of AUC’s Egyptology program, Mariam obtained PhD in Egyptology at Brown University (Providence, RI) and an MA at the University of Toronto (in Egyptian Language & Literature; with a minor in Egyptian Archaeology).  She teaches Egyptian Grammar (Hieroglyphs) and Coptic and offers classes on the History of Egyptian during the First Millennium BC and the Society and Cultures of Ancient Nubia. Her research focuses on two aspects of Egyptian ritual practice: the Role of Women in Ancient Egyptian Ritual and the Sequence/ sequential performance of the Opening of the Mouth Ritual.


Ms. Mennat-Allah El Dorry; PEMC Founding Member and head of the Media Committee

Ms. El Dorry is a former curator at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and editor of the Museum's Newsletter. She is trained as an Egyptologist and is pursuing her Ph.D on Coptic monastic diets and agriculture.

Dr. Yasmin El Shazly; PEMC Founding Member and head of the Museology/Egyptology Committee

Dr. El Shazly is currently Head of Documentation at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo and a former member of the museum's Board of Directors (2008-2013). She has taught at the American University in Cairo, Cairo University and AMIDEAST. Dr. El Shazly earned her BA from the American University in Cairo in 1998 and her MA (2002) and Ph.D. (2009) from Johns Hopkins University. Her Ph.D. dissertation is entitled Royal Ancestor Worship in Deir el-Medina during the New Kingdom and is currently being prepared for publication with Abercromby Press. She has published several academic papers and has appeared in a few documentaries, such as National Geographic's “The Silver Pharaoh: Secrets of the Dead” and the BBC documentary “The Man who Discovered Egypt.”

Ms. Gehan Fathi; PEMC Founding Member and head of Fundraising/Financial/legal Committee

Ms. Fathi works in the finance sector with a focus on Investment Banking and Private Equity. Her work involves supporting fund raising efforts within the organization and setting overall investment strategy for the funds alongside other investment committee members. She holds a B.A. in Economics from the American University in Cairo in 1996. In 2013, she joined forces with other members including leading Egyptologists to set up “Patrons of the Egyptian Museum” project in order to promote the Museum and enhance its performance to be on par with renowned museums globally.

Ms. Kiun Kim

Ms. Kim is a Visual Designer, Creative Director currently based in Cairo. She holds an MA in Interactive Digital Media from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication (Sussex University) in London. She is the designer of the PEMC’s logo.

Dr. Mahitab Mekkawi; PEMC Founding Member

Dr. Mekawi holds a B.A. from the American University in Cairo (Major: Political Science; Minor: Egyptology), an M.A. in International law from Sorbonne-Cairo University and a Ph.D in Gender Studies from the American University of London. She is a UN Gender Consultant and a goodwill ambassador for an NGO working in social development. She also runs a private business working in social development research and training for a number of NGOs, and she is a member of the Alliance for Arab Women, Friends of Environment and Development Association and Nahdet el Mahrousa.

Eng. Vera Saad; PEMC Founding Member and head of the Technical Committee

Ms. Saad is a lighting designer with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Cairo. Her expertise, amonhs other things, lie in lighting of museums and architectural monuments. Some of her major projects include Cairo Airport; Borj Alarab Airport; the new campus of the American University in Cairo; Valley of the Queens in Luxor, the Coptic Museum in Cairo, and the Animal Mummy Room at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo to name a few. She serves as the Technical Committee head for the PEMC

Mr. Sherief Seleit; PEMC Founding Member

Mr. Seleit holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cairo University. He also has a certificate in polyurethane flexible foam production from Unifoam Institute in the Netherlands. He is currently the General Manager of and partner in Foam House (a factory that manufactures Polyurethane foam), in 6th October City. 

Ms. Anya Vanecek

Ms. Vanecek began working with the Patrons of the Egyptian Museum during her study abroad semester in Cairo, spring 2013. She is an Anthropology student at Grinnell College in the United States of America. Though she has returned to her home in the America's Midwest, she has continued her work with the Patrons project.

Mrs. Tamara Zaky; Head of the Public Relations Committee