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OREED's mission is to help create a society in which every citizen is fully aware of their rights & responsibilities and takes an active role in building a better future for Egypt.

OREED was founded in 2011 with the belief that a firm understanding of citizenship would drive and accelerate radical reform in Egypt.


To live in a country where every Egyptian citizen is fully aware of her/his rights and responsibilities and is able to actively participate in shaping the future of Egypt.
  • Spreading Citizenship awareness and knowledge.
  • Engaging Egyptians in active political, civic and social participation.
  • Empowering citizens to realize and demand their rights positively while acknowledging their responsibilities.



Neutrality                     Subjectivity
Sustainability                Entrepreneurship
Social Responsibility      Motivation


Dawar Program

A 3 weeks program aims to foster Citizenship fundamentals through hands-on experiential learning that takes high school seniors and university students in a journey of self discovery and exposure to social, economic and political aspects of the Egyptian life.
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Student-to-Student Program
Through collaboration agreements with schools and universities, OREED trains university students, supplies them with needed material and curriculum to conduct interactive citizenship workshops for school students.   
Interactive Workshops
Al Mokhtasar Al Mofeed

Aisha Bassyouny

Sherif Nagui

Amr El Gabry

Sameh Awad

Dalia Assem

Hussein Ghanem