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The Nile Project
Status/stage of development: Fully incubated at Nahdet El Mahrousa
The Nile Project curates cross-cultural collaborations among musicians from the Nile region. Through these musical dialogues, they aim to foster cultural connections among the people living along the river to help us tackle our water-based environmental challenges. 


The Nile Project engages its stakeholders with a series of musical performances and recordings featuring musicians from the river’s 11 countries (Congo DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan, and Egypt). 

-  With the help of a multidisciplinary group of academic and non-academic experts (environmental science, climatology, anthropology, sociology, economics, development studies, etc.) the Nile Project will roll out a number of educational initiatives including school curricula 

-  Partnering with Ashoka and regional social entrepreneurs, the Nile Project will train a new generation of change makers to help bring about new solutions to the challenges we face along the Nile Basin. 

- And through a devoted innovation platform, the Nile Project will empower these new entrepreneurs to implement their solutions to help us move towards a more sustainable Nile region.


Key Activities:

-       Egypt Roadshow (November 2013)

-       Nile Gathering - Uganda (January 2014)

-       Africa Tour (February 2014)

-       Europe Tour (June 2014)

-       US Tour (January 2015)

-       Nile Tour (October 2015)

-       Social Enterprise Platform (January 2015)

-       Smithsonian Folklife Festival (June 2016)



-       Musical Concerts

-       Musical Recordings

-       Musical Workshops

-       Educational Curricula

-       Educational Videos

-       Documentary Film

-       Festival Experience

-       Travel Experiences



Mina Girgis - Executive Director

Mina is an Egyptian Ethnomusicologist and Arts Entrepreneur living between San Francisco, CA and Cairo, Egypt. He has participated in organizing many multicultural events such as the Smithsonian Silk Road Festival in Washington DC and Anna Lindh Foundation’s first Farah El Bahr Euro-Mediterranean Festival in Alexandria, Egypt. Mina is the founder and the Executive Director of Zambaleta (a nonprofit world music institute located in San Francisco) and the Nile Project.

Muhammad El Quessny – Logistics Coordinator

Muhammad El Quessny graduated from the American University of Cairo with a degree in Business administration specializing in marketing. He has been working on a variety of projects since his graduation. He has been mainly working in the fields of culture and nature conservation. He is a member of Like Jelly, a theatrical band based in Cairo and has worked on Mashrou' al Mareekh, a nation wide project that promotes self expression in all its forms. In nature conservation, Muhammad has also worked in HEPCA focusing on the Red Sea and is currently working at Nature Conservation Egypt, which is based in Cairo. 


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