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| Misriyati
Status/stage of development: Registered as LLC

Egypt (Misr) is our common space…

And though my “Egyptianity” is different than yours,

we only have one Egypt to share. . . 

Let it be a space for peace.


Misriyati aims at promoting a culture of peace, diversity and inclusion within our community. Our vision is that of the Egyptian society adopting the principles of peaceful living and nonviolent ways of dealing with conflicts in its every day practice.

In Misriyati, we understand peace as a holistic concept that refers both to a process & a desired condition. Peace as a process refers to the different strategies and actions that are undertaken in order to reach or maintain a long lasting state of peace. Peace as a condition describes the state of being of individuals & groups, as well as of whole cultures, structures and relationships, that goes far beyond the absence of violence (negative peace) and into the reign of peaceful, trustful & collaborative relations that help achieve the full potential of all parties (positive peace).

Misriyati hopes to achieve a swift transformation to a culture of peace by engaging people in learning processes that help individuals gain a deeper awareness and understanding of their life experiences and related choices, and develop the skills needed to break out of a pattern of violence and exclusion. As all Misriyati activities and services are geared towards “learning”, Misriyati is conceived as a safe educational space:

·       A space for exploration: of the self, of others, of our structures and culture, of  our underlying fears and stereotypes, of our lacking skills and missing values… and of all the possible alternatives.

·       A space of interaction: of sincere and safe human interactions, when people do not have to worry about being “real", and where each one's experiences, feelings and thoughts are acknowledged and respected.

·       A space for learning and growing, where our limiting thought patterns are transformed to bring us, little by little, more openness, less violence, and more peace with ourselves and with others. 

Our mission includes:

(1) Providing the knowledge about peaceful living: Misriyati create spaces where the knowledge (ideas, experiences, skills… ) of peaceful living can be explored, shared and created together.

(2) Providing Peace Services:  Misriyati encourages actions that are congruent with peace values.  To support such action, Misriyati provides peace services that make it easier for individuals or groups to opt for the peaceful option on the ground. Peace services include mediation services, facilitation of dialogues and consensus processes, as well as providing any support needed to strengthen peace action. The long term outcome is creating success stories of peaceful living in Egypt.

(3) Cultivating a peace living community: The peace living community refers both to people -  i.e. network of individuals sharing the same values and ideals – and spaces, physical or virtual, where people agree to uphold peace living values.  

Our essential project values are:

Respecting Differences

Demonstrating Integrity

Striving for Peace


Pro-activity & Hope

Having Fun

I. Peace Learning Pillar

Peace Learning refers to the process of individuals gaining insights into their experiences from a culture of peace perspective, and becoming aware of the dynamics in play as well as their role into these dynamics. Along with awareness & understanding, peace learning aims at the development of peace attitudes & values, as well as peace skills such as empathy or conflict resolution skills.

This pillar includes the following services:

1. Design and delivery of quality learning experiences:

  • 10 years experience in design and delivery of meaningful learning experiences
  • The methodology is highly interactive, as knowledge is being explored in relation to the personal experiences of participants. It combines personal reflections with collective thinking and sharing.  
  • Learning modules include but are not limited to: (1) Culture of peace (2) Diversity dynamics (3) Conflict Transformation (4) Communication (5) Mediation…
  • Trainings and workshops are customized to meet the particular needs of the hosting client / participants, and are adapted to suit participants from different backgrounds (urban & rural, students and adults, civil society & business sector…) ,
  • Experience with different learning formats: long term trainings, short workshops, camps…


2. Curriculum Design:

Misriyati has gained considerable experience developing educational activities related to the culture of peace for its own trainings and workshops. Whether authored by the team or adapted from external sources, their originality lies in the way they are flowing in a process designed to trigger a transformative learning experience.

Misriyati has also been consulted by other institutions to develop training manuals in the field of diversity, conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Examples include:

* CEPP training manual, co-designed the content in partnership with Majal LLC, for GIZ and the ministry of youth, April 2013.
* TAALA training manual for religious and community leaders, in cooperation with the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), February 2014.
* Building bridges between governement officials and civil society project (تواصل حكومي مدني), co-authored, commissioned by El Sadat NGO, April 2014.
* TAALA training manual for Youth Leaders, in cooperation with the CRS, May 2014.

3. Peace Education Program

This program strives to introduce peace education practices into schools and other educational institutions. In this lines Misriyati offers:

  • Capacity building for educators and teachers in the field of peace education.
  • Accompaniment services:  guiding collective reflective processes with educators to identify challenges and develop alternatives for their educational set-up.
  • Design of relevant activities and educational projects with teachers.
  • One to one mentoring.


4. TOT

Misriyati organizes regular training of trainers in the field of the culture of peace. The training targets potential Misriyati facilitators as well as trainers, educators, youth animators and mediators interested this field.

Misriyati also has experience providing TOTs for external partners.

Ex: TOT for CRS partners from the "Family House" (بيت العائلة) and Coptic Orthodox Dioceses, in the frame of the TAALA project, 2014.


II. Peace Services pillar

By peace service, we refer to all activities which main target is not the acquisition of new knowledge, but rather the application of peace tools and skills for conflict prevent and/or resolution. The following services will be available as of January 2015:

  1. Coaching teams in conflict
  2. Facilitation of dialogue and consensus building processes
  3. Mediation services




Khalil El-Masry: Khalil is a software development consultant, social entrepreneur, and liberal activist. He has passion for social communication, so he uses his professional expertise to support/coordinate the socio-political activities within the Egyptian society.  Khalil joined Misriyati in 2011 in the capacity of Community officer. Today, he is a founding partner of the "Majal" start-up. Besides Misriyati, he's also member of "Open Space Egypt", and co-founder/coordinator of the "Selmiyah" Movement, facilitating workshops and coordinating activities building bridges of trust across the many divides within the Egyptian society in order to promote principles of peaceful co-living, respect for diversity, dialogue, understanding and acceptance.

Mohamed El MongyMohamed one of Misriyati's co-founders. He is interested in environmental sustainability at large and is a passionate pan-Africanist. After spending two years in AIESEC International as Director for Africa, he finished his Masters in Environment and Development in Edinburgh University and worked on a number of sustainable development issues and projects in different African countries; Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya and Morocco.  

Mo’men Zaki: Mo'men is working in three peace initiatives (MasterPeace, Misriyati & Selmiyah) as he believes in peaceful ways for resolving conflicts and creating opportunities for building peace.  He was actively involved in initiating a conversation around the healing process with the Peace and Reconciliation council in South Africa. With passion for education and training, he is working to build a chain that pass and share experiences over generations and communities for a better world. Momen has been managing the Misriyati project since September 2012.

Nermine MounirNermine is a non violence activist working in Alwan wa awtar (an educational organization in Cairo working with impoverished populations of Moqattam hill). Nermine previously attended a youth JAM meeting. She also works also in Misriyati (My Egypt) initiative as a coordinator to promote the values of peace, non violence, citizenship and non violent conflict resolution. 

Ranwa Abdelnaby: Ranwa is passionate about creating and living learning experiences, and strives through her work to create the kind of change she would like to see in her society, to make it a more just, balanced place to live in. After participating in Misriyati TOT, Ranwa joined the team in 2011 in the capacity of  Training Officer. Today, she is also working as a life coach.  She is keen on conversations that emphasize the values of accepting differences and diversity as a basis for a real democracy. Ranwa would like to see the Egyptians talk about the values and principles they would like to establish in the new Egypt we all aspire for.

Yasmine El Rifai: Yasmine is one of the co-founders of the Misriyati project. She has chosen to work in the field of education as a powerful way of working with others for a more peaceful, just, and inclusive society. For the past 10 years, Yasmine has worked or been involved in an array of projects including curriculum design, teacher training, non formal education, educational program design and management, as well as peace training… all geared towards personal and social transformation. Among the organizations she works or has worked with are: Alwan wa Awtar NGO, Care with Love NGO, General Secretariat for Catholic Schools, Arab Digital Expression Foundation... Yasmine holds a Masters in Development Studies from the University of Antwerp, Belguim, and is currently studying for a masters in Nonviolent Education at the AUNOHR university, Lebanon.