| Mesta3gel
Status/stage of development: Newly Incubated Jan 2013
Mesta3gel is an initiative based in Alexandria, promoting the culture of alternative transportation. Mesta3gel focuses on spreading the concept of bike-sharing by providing bicycle rental services & maintenance, allocating bicycle parking-spaces, and mapping the best routes for bikers.

Mesta3gel adopts the bike sharing concept in offering sustainable solutions to public transportation problems in Egypt by providing bike rental, parking, routing and maintenance services.

Bike sharing is a service in which bikes are made available for shared use among individuals who do not own them; it offers a cheap and clean alternative means of short trip urban transport to motorized public transportation and private vehicles.

Ahmed Nabil (co-founder) is an experienced engineer specializing in electrical system maintenance. He has a bachelor of science in power systems and automation engineering. During his work, Ahmed gained solid experience in designing and implementing maintenance plans for electrical and mechanical systems. He has strong troubleshooting skills, and a passion for embedded systems design and power electronics. Ahmed is highly concerned about transportation problems in Egypt and continuously brainstorms about potential alternative solutions. 

Salma Bakr (co-founder) just obtained her master of science in renewable energy and energy efficiency. She's an experienced integrated circuits design engineer with work experience in industrial as well as research projects. Salma has a bachelor of science in electronics and communication engineering and a master of science in micro and nano electronics. Her areas of interest include energy management, renewable energy, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship. Salma is a fencer who loves reading, enjoys natural scenery, and leads a green lifestyle.