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| Engineering Support Society (ESS)
Engineering Support Society (ESS)
Status/stage of development: Fully incubated at Nahdet El Mahrousa , Registration in progress

Engineering Support Society (ESS) was founded on the 28th of September 2008. The ESS began with a group of motivated and ambitious engineers who decided to seek practical change in the engineering field by giving innovative engineers the opportunity to bring their ideas to life.

ESS Offers Technical and Financial support along with Trainings sessions, References, Events, Sponsorship and Shared Experiences for Practical Engineering Projects.

- Engineering Support Society (ESS) Looks  into establishing a research and development base in our Society.

- The Engineering Support Society’s (ESS) mission is focusing on applicable INNOVATIVE IDEAS which will lead to delivering the new innovative idea as a product or solution that has not yet been implemented.

- Engineers are encouraged to submit their project ideas by creating a project account on our website using the project name and selecting the project field which best fits its field of research.

- Based on sharing experiences we create an engineering social network environment; this shared experience is provided by Fresh graduates and expertise covering several field which will lead to the creation of an integrated solution to support Innovative Ideas through one portal of communication and support.

- The reason why Engineering Support Society (ESS) mainly supports new inventions is that we feel that these ideas that are not supported well enough.

ESS is not only an engineering social network but as a society where engineers can turn their innovative ideas into a reality


Key Activities and services provided:

1.       Offering full Support to incubated projects whether T

  • Technically
  • Managerially (Mentoring and trainings).
  • financially (by providing contacts or cash).

2.       Events for spreading and emphasizing the innovation concept.

3.       Building a social network between engineers through our website and social media.

4.       Building engineering projects database.

Acting Project Leader and HR officer:

Mohamed Abdallah

Consultancy Team:

Mohamed El Raffie

M. Raafat

Youssef Mamdouh

Ahmed Samir

ESS Academy Team:

Mai El Dardiry

Nahla El Banhawy

Abdallah Mohamed

Islam Samir

Events Team:

Ayman Azzazy

Ahmed Fathy

Hend Samir

Sherif El Gazar


Mohamed Mamdouh