| Dynergy
Status/stage of development: Fully incubated at Nahdet El Mahrousa , Not Registered

Dynergy aims to reduce Egyptian farmers' burdens through the introduction of alternative and renewable energy. The enterprise will rent out solar-powered water pumps to farmers for irrigation only during irrigation season. The pumps should cost the same to rent as gas-powered pumps, will not be affected by gas price or availability and will be transported to the farmers upon request. The model ensures that farmers won’t need to worry about maintenance or spare parts. The project will create employment opportunities in each agricultural region, and train the workers in the transportation, assembling, working and maintenance of the pumps.


To have all the agricultural lands in Egypt irrigated by solar-powered water pumps, and To promote the use of solar energy in all aspects of life.

Renting out solar-powered water pumps to farmers 

Awad Mohamed Ahmed

Dina Mohamed Makhlouf

Anwar Mohamed Ahmed