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| Virtual Tour - Discover Egypt's Heritage
Virtual Tour - Discover Egypt's Heritage
6 Dec 2013 (All day) to 30 Dec 2013 (All day)
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Konoz yadaweya

Would you like to know more about the other Egypt's heritage....forgetten sites and treasures.....and meet with & share the stories of Egyptian artisans and craftsmen from Upper egypt to delta, from Sinai to Nubia.......join us and visit is an online fair trade marketplace that serves as a platform for those interested in discovering Egypt and its cultural heritage. Yadaweya aims to connect (offline) local Egyptian artisans with (online) customers worldwide. Yadaweya's story begins with a team of young Egyptian social entrepreneurs passionate about the diverse handicrafts and handmade treasures of Egyptian artisans.

 Yadaweya aims to contribute to building a platform that helps sustain Egyptian craftsmanship, in a time and place where our skilled artisan partners lack the opportunities for stable marketing and a consistent income stream.