Salon El Mahrousa : Impacts of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on downstream countries including Egypt

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| Salon El Mahrousa : Impacts of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on downstream countries including Egypt
Salon El Mahrousa : Impacts of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on downstream countries including Egypt
5 Jun 2013 - 6:30pm to 10:00pm
NM Office

This Salon is a collaborative effort between the Water Institute of the Nile (WIN) and Salon El Mahrousa to shed light on the impacts, whether they positive or negative, of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on downstream countries including Egypt. This seminar will encompass experts in the field of hydrology and socio-economic assessments to objectively determine what may ensue from the GERD dam.

Time and Date: 6:30pm on Wednesday June 5, 2013
We have limited seating, please confirm your attendance by emailing
Dr. Mohammad Mohieddin
Mohamed Mahmoud Mohieddin completed a Bachelor of Arts in sociology with a minor in psychology from Ein Shams University in 1973, with honors. He completed him masters in 1984 and went on to complete his PhD from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. Dr. Mohieddin he is currently proffesor of human ecology and population in Menofeya University, a consultant on socio-economic policies for the regional Office of the United Nations Developmental Program (UNDP) and a consultant for the ministerial council for social affairs. 
He has held positions such as: director of the project of institutional reform for the ministry of water and environment in Yemen, social development officer for the nile basin equatorial lakes countries in the Nile basin initiative in Kigali, Rwanda. He is consulting specialist for social affairs in a number of projects for the Egyptian Ministries of Irrigation and Planning, the World Bank, the Arab League, the Nile basin initiative and various other developmental projects in Egypt and the Arab states (including Jordan, Yemen, KSA, Iraq, UAE). He is currently a member of the Egyptian ten year plan preparation committee in the Ministry of Planning and was a member of the Egyptian delegation to the Tripartite Commission on the Great Ethiopian Millennium Dam. 
Dr. Haytham Awad
Associate Professor at the Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulics Department, Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University. Dr. Awad has over Eighteen years of research and consulting experience in various water engineering disciplines, both in Egypt and abroad. He obtained his PhD in Engineering from Kyushu University in 2005.
He was responsible for the design of various complex water engineering systems and structures, including water and wastewater infrastructure systems, flood/river systems, irrigation/drainage systems and systems of large open reservoirs with dams and hydro power plants. 
His research interests include design and calibration of water systems, hydroelectric power generation, risk and uncertainty analysis, decision support systems, modeling, genetic algorithms and evolutionary programming in water management and water Supply.
Dr Awad has (co)authored over 30 publications and filed two patents.
Moderator: Mohamed El Mongy