Monthly Monday: Getting Things Done (GTD) - "The Art of Stress Free Productivity"

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Monthly Monday: Getting Things Done (GTD) - "The Art of Stress Free Productivity"

Our December kicked off with an awesome Monthly Monday which promised to make us more productive.

Yeah right.

Countless apps, websites and accessories promise to make us more organised but never really manage to clear the clutter of our day to day lives. Would GTD prove any different?

Getting Things Done (GTD) — “The Art of Stress-free Productivity” is a time-management method described in a bestselling book by David Allen. 

It was presented to us by Adham AbdelSalam — a man who does a million things, including stand-up comedy, TV and radio presenting. And he manages it all with time to spare, he assured us.

Check out these pictures, tweets and quotes to get an idea of what our GTD Monthly Monday was all about! 


Types of #stress: a) Opportunity Overload b) Information Overload


“The reason behind stress is NOT too much info - its that we don’t decide what to do with all this stuff


Perhaps our favourite #quote from @AdhamNileFm

"Theres more to us as human beings than the titles we’ve held in various companies” 


“How many open loops can the #human #mind carry at one given moment without dropping one single one of them?”
#MonthlyMonday @AdhamNileFm


The problem is that we try to keep too many of these loops open at the same time = #stress 



How would you crack this problem? 
#problemsolving with @AdhamNileFm  #monthlymonday 


If your targets IS HUGE you will definitely #procrastinate. Break it down into ACTION - steps you can do. 


Why do people procrastinate? Apathy or #anxiety. If you process properly you won't #procrastinate


Some quotes that stuck:


On unleashing our creative and intellectual potential:


"Your mind is an awesome processing machine... so don't use it for storage"


"Creativity and innovation are mental practices that only occur when your mind is not over-crowded with reminders"


“Your system has to be better than your mind for your mind to let go.”


“Use you mind to think about HOW to do as opposed to WHAT to do.”


“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, it is a fire to be kindled.”


On the importance of setting clear targets:


“You can't win a game you haven't defined.”


“It’s much easier to move when you are already in motion.”


“Whenever 2 or more are responsible for something... usually no one is.”


On the importance of persisting:


“Small things done consistently create massive impact.”


“Taking on a new project is not necessarily a positive change, it may be a sign of recklessness and non-fullfilment. But going back to all the levels of non-completion and completing them IS a sign of positive change.”


Thanks for the inspiring words Adham! Let’s hope GTD will help us get organised — and let’s hope it sticks!


Adham Abdelsalam is a TV/Radio Presenter and Comedian. 

Find him here: @AdhamNileFm and