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| Apply for Incubation

"Khaleeha Suessi ", Sketch Your Idea Competition Application


After a great success of incubation rounds during “Khaleeha Suessi” program, the Arabian Cement Company (ACC) has teamed up again with Nahdet El Mahrousa (NM) to work on a new ideation competition: “Sketch Your Idea”. The competition aims to support young people who are willing to explore the world of entrepreneurship and startups, and help them identify and form the right idea, prepare actual plans for their idea and build functional prototypes that might increase the chances of successful implementation

This competition will run next to NM’s annual competition which will support youth striving to be social entrepreneurs tackling challenges and opportunities in Suez.

About the Ideation Competition: Sketch your Idea

This competition, “Sketch Your Idea”, was introduced to create a sustainable pipeline of entrepreneurs in Suez that are socially and environmentally responsible, as well as prospective entrepreneurs with social ideas that will create local businesses opportunities and employment opportunities in high-potential untapped sectors of Suez.

The “Sketch Your Idea” competition does NOT require an existing project or experience, Nahdet El Mahrousa will be providing youth striving to be social entrepreneurs with the tools needed to successfully mold an idea into a feasible project or business with a strong social and/or environmental impact. While the annual “Khaleeha Suessi” competition aims to support young social entrepreneurs who have existing startups tackling challenges and opportunities in Suez.

This year our focus will be on ideas that are tackling challenges and opportunities in the fields of:

-         Waste management

-         Renewable energy

-         Sustainable agriculture & food production..

The "Sketch your idea" competition may be your chance to join the annual "Khaleeha Suessi" program.


Phases of Sketch your Idea:

1.     Selection of participants.

2.     Workshops, 4-day intensive training where youth sketch their business ideas, develop their basic entrepreneurial skills, learn about social entrepreneurship and get introduced to the possible profitable social and environmental opportunities of Suez.

3.     Testing phase, participants will be given time, two weeks, to develop their ideas and business proposals.

4.     Pitching, Participants will be presenting their business proposals in front of a panel with experts in the relevant sectors.

5.     Final selection, the winning entrepreneurs will be awarded with minimum of 5,000EGP and maximum 10,000EGP each to develop a prototype for the products/services of their proposed startups.


Who can apply?

Profile of the applicant:

·        Age at least 24 years old

·        His/ her place of birth is Suez, currently based in Suez or willing to start and operate his/ her business in Suez

·        The idea should be for an enterprise that serves the community of Suez

·        The applicant is passionate about or has an idea that belongs to one of the three sectors mentioned above.

How to Apply?

·        Fill in the application form in English or Arabic

·        Submit it by 18th of November 2017 midnight (priority will be given to early applications)

·        Your application will go through the initial screening process and the shortlisted applications will be accepted and contacted to join the 4 Day workshop.


Want to know more?

Join us in one of the info sessions in Suez and we will answer all your inquiries.

Dates of info sessions:

Stay Tuned with our news and updates on facebook

If you have any questions, contact us at:

-         Mobile: 01000136710

-         Email: apply@nahdetelmahrousa.org

-         Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nahdetelmahrousa/


About Khaleeha Suessi, 2nd Incubation round (to be opened next year)

“Khaleeha Suessi” is a start-up incubation competition focused on supporting social entrepreneurs in Suez. The main goal of this program is to create employment opportunities by providing entrepreneurs with the tools needed to successfully establish a business with strong social impact. 

This is a full-time, intensive programme that will be open for all Suez youth. Winning teams will receive tailored support and seed funding enabling them and their ventures to grow. 

The incubated social enterprises will receive:

·      Seed funding of up to 150,000 L.E. (decided based on the evaluation panel assessment)

·      A dedicated project development programme organized by NM Incubator team

·      Regularly hosted events to support peer-to-peer collaboration between teams

·     Access to experts based on the start-up needs

For more details about the donor of Khaleeha Suessi:

Please visit the website of Arabian Cement Company (ACC): http://www.arabiancement.com/